Other people are doing incredible work getting the voices and stories of Haitians out to the wider world. Here are a few projects great projects, plus an early blog from of the Haiti Memory Project:

Tele Ghetto
This is an awesome project by three Haitian youths who make interview ordinary Haitians to show the realities of life in Haiti and the real people who live them. Great, great stuff. Here is a link to a blogger that has met with the young men.
Here’s a video:

Voices of Haiti
A photo essay by Jeremy Cowart, striking images and messages Haitians would like to share with the world.

A Soapbox in Haiti
This soon-to-be-released documentary features short speeches by Haitians to Haitians about their dreams for a better nation. Claire did a small amount of advising for the director, Scott Kirschenbaum.
Here’s the preview:

A Soapbox in Haiti – Teaser Trailer from Stuart Sloan on Vimeo.

Here is a clip with Darly, who helped immensely with the Haiti Memory Project.

A SOAPBOX IN HAITI: Darly Trailer from Peripheral Productions on Vimeo.

Haiti through the eyes of its teenagers
A Canadian photographer is commissioned to teach Haitian teenagers about photography. Their photos are displayed on the BBC website.

The Haiti Oral History Project
This is a blog Claire kept while starting work in Haiti in 2010. While it is infrequently updated now, it documents how the project matured and her developing impressions of Haiti and its problems.