November 25, 2010: Ivrose Pierre lives in an overlooked camp where aid rarely appears. While she’s distraught about this, she is much more distraught about the mysterious disappearance of her son several weeks before. She has brought his picture to the police and gone several times to see if they have any information, but they are unhelpful. She continues to hope that he will come home, but she suspects black magic is at play.

Novembre 25, 2010: Ivrose Pierre vit dans un camp négligé où l’aide n’apparaît que rarement. Si elle est bouleversée à ce sujet, elle est beaucoup plus bouleversée par son fils qui a mystérieusement disparu quelques semaines avant. Elle a apporté sa photo au commissariat, mais la police sont inutiles. Elle espère qu’il rentrera, mais elle soupçonne la magie noire.